Alternate Uses for Down Payments

Besides putting more down to decrease the amount you're borrowing, what else could you do with down payments to improve cash flow and make you a stronger borrower?

Alternate Uses for Down Payments

It might seem obvious that the more money you save up for down payments, the more you can and maybe should put down as a means of improving cash flow.

But that might not always be the most optimal and effective strategy. In fact, there are a variety of other options available as alternatives that might improve how you look as a borrower and that may ultimately impact how well the property cash flows.

This mini-class discusses the alternate uses of down payments you might want to consider that can improve cash flow versus putting more down.

Check out the video and interactive charts from this class here:

Alternate Uses for Down Payments - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • Improving how you look as a borrower
  • Using down payment to boost your reserves
  • Using down payment to pay off other debt
  • Using down payment to buy down interest rate
  • Using down payment to pre-pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Using down payment to lower your LTV to improve interest rate and/or rid yourself of PMI
  • Plus much more...

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Alternate Uses for Down Payments
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